Is Your Digital Card Branded ?

Colors play vital role in our life. they attract us , communicate with us. This is how branding creates value , sustainable identity.

Strong branding lasts in long run, creates never fading impact on audience, reachout to more people, helps to increase engagement. Increase conversions which ultimately results into high revenue and business growth.

Considering branding is a core of any institution, DigitalBizCards is more focussed on custom designs. We cannot imagine non branded business cards and neither believes in standard template based systems. Hence we have architectured whole application with powerful customisation capacity.

With over 100s of corporates , listed and non listed companies at credit we have introduced first of its kind card which is paralleled to companies branding guidelines.

We believe loving your brand is everything. People dedicate generations to create legacy organisations. They evolve their branding timely to make sure they keep consumer and brand values intact .

With DigitalBizCards you can , not only customise colour themes but keep on changing backgrounds and other branded content like brochures, profiles and other marketing material but also have full control over timely updations with the help strong admin area.

Accompanied with google font API, DigitalBizCards allows users to choose some of the most appreciated and widely used font families.

These customisation features makes only digital card with custom designing support. So we make sure you continue loving your card and keep introducing your self , same way as you used to introduce with paper cards.

We are offering complimentary design with all our plans & packages as we believe loving your brand is everything and we make sure we will empower your introductions to audience.

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